About me

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, I pursued my first university degree in German philology. Subsequently, I spent a semester in Hamburg, Germany, which turned into almost 12 years of residence. In 2012, I relocated to Krakow, Poland, where I now reside with my family.

Over the past 25 years, I have been teaching and working as a communication trainer, gaining valuable experience in three different countries. After working with various language schools, companies, and organizations, I founded my own language school, ‘Deutsch Kommunikativ,’ in Krakow, Poland, in 2016.

My motto, ‘I’m not going to teach you – I’ll help you learn!’ perfectly reflects my student-centered approach.

In essence, my teaching philosophy can be summarized as follows:

‘Helping individuals develop language skills, transforming negative attitudes, expanding horizons, sharing moments of intense emotion with people from diverse backgrounds – that’s why I am passionate about my job!’

My Interests:

Maintaining a harmonious work-family balance • Playing music with my band • Authoring children’s books • Lifelong learning and personal growth • Pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle • Fostering laughter and positivity • Promoting peace • Inspiring others.

Why Choose Me


Native-like language proficiency.


Over 25 years experience in my learned profession.

Being nice

I do my best all the time to be nice to everyone 🙂

Topics and methods

Exciting topics and modern teaching tools.

My Courses

Interested in conversation or rather in business ?
Good news: I have both.


We discuss a variety of highly interesting topics in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. And we read a book together. Interested in giving it a try?


Emails, phone conversations, meetings, speaking with German speaking clients, IT vocabulary - just a taste of what awaits you in this course.

Trusted By

I have worked successfully with these companies and organizations

My e-book

This ebook offers a compact guide for learning German and languages in general, addressing common issues such as grammar, vocabulary, and confidence.

It provides motivational insights and practical tips from me, including relevant content, clickable links, fun methods, printable worksheets, and a flexible learning plan, making it an ideal resource for self-learners, particularly for B1 students and above.

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