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A face-to-face conversation. 100% tailor-made for your needs and requirements. Business in general, everyday language, grammar or any other specific area.

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In the e-book 'LEARNING GERMAN - How to Become Fluent', I have shared everything
I have learned in my 25 years as a German teacher. It's interactive, entertaining, and practical. Check it out on Amazon!

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— About Me

Hello, nice to meet you!

I help people to improve their German language skills.

I am a graduate German language teacher and communication trainer. I have been teaching for over 25 years in three different countries.

I believe in creating a warm, stress-free, and accepting environment where learning thrives. 

Embracing the joy of assisting people, witnessing the beautiful journey of language skill development, transforming negative attitudes into positivity, expanding horizons, and sharing intense, emotionally rich moments with individuals from diverse backgrounds – this is why I love my job!

My mantra: nice atmosphere and efficiency can and should go hand in hand. It’s like a perfect gift – nicely packed with great values inside.

Attila Rettig

Years of
Experience in 3 countries

An interactive e-book

My life's work

In the e-book “LEARNING GERMAN – How to Become Fluent“, you will find a lot of motivational, encouraging thoughts as well as tons of practical tips from me, a German teacher with over 25 years of experience.

What will you discover in the book?

✅ Relevant, up-to-date and useful content.

✅ More than 450 clickable links.

✅ Plenty of fun and effective methods.

✅ 15 PDF worksheets with grammar and vocab exercises.

✅ A flexible learning plan.

You will learn how to motivate yourself and how to overcome the massive hurdle which won’t let you reach fluency in German or other languages.


Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.
German lessons with Attila are simply fantastic. I would not even call it a lesson, but a great, fun time! His way of teaching German is a great experience – not a punishment, like at school 😉. I have one to one conversation with him, which are flexible and customized up to my interests. Whether it is a daily life, different cultures or sometimes even science, he always provides articles and videos corresponding to the topic of the lesson, which we discuss on the next session. The atmosphere is very relaxed. At last, but not least his lessons provide exactly what I’m looking for. Highly recommended! Danke Attila ☺️
Ilona Blachnicka
"I highly recommend classes with Attila!!! He is a great teacher, and his teaching method, is by far the best I’ve seen in recent years! The atmosphere in the classes was great and I can say thank you Attila and amazing classes I can now speak a little German! Thanks Attila! You’re simple the best 🙏☺️🙏"
Ana Beça
"All I can say about my course with Deutsch-Kommunikativ – great time. Attila is a very positive and communicative person, which makes the atmosphere of the course really friendly, so I always look forward to the next meeting. Lessons are very well adjusted to your skills and needs; you get many tips what else you can do to improve your progress. I can see my progress already, and that is the best thing that proves it’s not wasted time. I would highly recommend learning here!"
Sebastian Szewczyk
"Great German classes, interesting topics and discussions. Attila is fun teacher, and he makes German very entertaining. Strongly recommended, I will continue! I'm glad it all went online - I could finally participate after leaving Kraków. Yay!"
Wiktor Jaszczak
"I highly recommend German lessons with Attila! I used to learn German at school, but needless to say, my German was not really good, and I wasn’t fluent with it, I knew only basics. Then I decided to start lessons with Attila, and I cannot believe how far we’ve come since that time and that I’m actually able to have a proper German conversation now. I’m looking forward to each lesson, because it’s not only a huge amount of knowledge, but also always fun! If there’s a topic you’d like to explore, Attila is always eager to explain it for you and bring it closer. I used to like German but know, thanks to Attila, I just love it Thank you, Attila! 🙂"
Patrycja Słabosz
"Thanks to the classes with Attila, I finally stopped being afraid to speak German 😉 I highly recommend it to everyone! Great atmosphere during classes and a very interesting German language program for business :-)"
Maria Wilga
"I highly recommend Deutsch Kommunikativ and lessons with Attila! The course in Deutsch Kommunikativ definitely helps me to develop my communication skills and broaden my stock of words! Additional assets are also a super nice atmosphere and a small group of participants. I am looking forward to attending another course after the Summer holidays! 😊"
Adrianna Szwarc
"Attila is truly inspiring and using creative techniques. I’d be more than happy to recommend his courses as he is representing a brand-new approach and redefining the meaning of teaching. It feels more like working in a team rather than just simply listening a monotonic lecture. It was nice to meet you Attila!"
Dániel Szabó
"I recommend it to those who don't like learning grammar and want to focus on speaking. Classes help break the speaking barrier of fear. Attila is a reliable, funny teacher, and classes in a small group make everyone have the opportunity to speak. I recommend!! 🙂"
Klaudia Piekielniak
"I can highly recommend the course led by Attila. Attila is patient, funny and wise teacher. The atmosphere during the classes is open and friendly. We could discuss any topic. What I like the most was diverse and current topics, different kind of materials (videos, blogs, articles, novel). Previously I wasn’t a big fun of online courses but I have changed my mind. Now I know that it’s up to the teacher how such classes look like."
Paulina Goliasz
"My first course with Attila and it was wonderful: very well structured, engaging and entertaining topics with fruitful discussions and occasional jokes. Attila is a kind, intelligent person and I would be happy to join another of his courses."
Aleksandrs Semenenko
"Excellent course! Small group, positive and supporting atmosphere. Attila is a very competent tutor with great patience and a good sense of humor. I’ve found each topic very interesting to discuss. Attila always paid attention to that every participant got equally challenged. Overall the course is going to be very useful in my day to day communication."
Timea Sandrisser


The payment is made via bank transfer after the first session. I can provide an official invoice upon request.

A maximum of 6 participants are in one group. In my opinion, this is the ideal number for a group: it allows ample time for each participant to express themselves, and the group dynamic functions seamlessly.

The courses span 13 weeks, with one 90-minute session per week. In total, we will have 26 units of 45 minutes.

Actually, there is no magic method. I provide engaging and motivating homework, actively listen to my students, ask numerous questions, and treat each participant individually.

I may not be familiar with every language school, but I frequently hear from students that my courses offer a friendly, enjoyable, and inclusive atmosphere. The topics are both engaging, and I incorporate students’ ideas and preferences into the curriculum.

There will be a language check by phone. I will call you for a brief 5-10 minute conversation, after which I will provide you with my evaluation, and we can discuss the next steps.

I use only authentic and current materials from the Internet, such as videos and articles. As for my own created materials, I update them regularly.

I am not a language school that can issue an official certificate like Goethe or Österreich Institut. However, I can provide you with a confirmation of participation, complete with my stamp on it.

I only offer online courses. In my opinion, this approach is far superior to the traditional method, but this is solely my perspective.

I look forward to receiving a message from you via email at [email protected] or through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You can find all the contact options in the “Contact” section in the main menu.

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

When you want to start improving your German language skills, the best time is now. Why hesitate? Life is short, and you don’t want to regret procrastinating or simply being lazy later.


Ready to start?

Contact me and we will find a solution together!

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Make a decision
Make for yourself clear, why you want to improve your German language skills. After that, contact me and we will discuss the plan.
Join a private lesson or group classes
Figure out which option fits better your needs and requirements: private lessons or group classes.
Show Commitment
Be on time, be prepared, be active. Decide for success through hard and smart work.
Transformation Completed
You are at the next level. You speak, understand, read, and write in German better than you did a couple of weeks ago. Now you are allowed to be happy about it and to be proud of yourself!

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